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Food For Thought
Food For Thought

Thursday, June 17, 2010

When The Student is ready. The Teacher Will appear

Have you ever wondered why you have not yet received the things you long for? May be you are not yet ready for them.

I always wanted to plant a vegetable garden in my backyard. One day last week I watched a video on back yard gardening. I was impressed to learn how many different vegetables I could plant in my back yard. Yesterday I went in my back yard. I looked at the spots where I would plant different plants. I was now ready to plant my garden.

To plant this garden I needed tools which I did not have.

Today I went out to check my mails. To my delight my neighbor gave me several garden tools...the ones I needed . He was giving them away because he sold his home and was relocating out side of the country . This was a wish and a desire that came through the moment I was ready to plant.

Indeed..the teacher will appear when the student is ready.
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